Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Earthquake shuffle (tag with hulu hoops as base)

Prepare: Earthquake shuffle

  • Several Hulu hoops (various colors) scattered on the ground
  • Paper and pencil- list ways for kids to move between the hulu hoops, such as "everyone with a red shirt move." Include things like colors, letters in names, favorite rides that kids have ridden on such as roller coasters, trains, cars and so on.)
  • Guide each child to choose a hulu hoop and stand inside it. 
  • Choose one child (it) to remain outside the hoops.
  • Give directions for kids to move to another hoop.  As kids move "it" will try to tag a child outside a hoop who then will become "it"
  • Yell "Earthquake shuffle" occasionally for everyone to move to another hoop.  
  • Mention that God helped Paul and Silas during the earthquake.  God helps us. We do not have to be afraid.  
  • repeat the game as long as the kids are interested. 

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