Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No prep or easy prep ideas for games

Game - Colossal Speedway- (Easy prep-  but could be done with no prep)
  • Construction Paper circles (1 red, 1 Green)
  • Paint Stick- Tape the circles to the stick (One on each side)
  • Tell children that they will pretend to be race car drivers on a track.  They will have to follow the lights to know when to go and when to stop.  
  • Show children the stick.  Remind kids that red means stop and green means go.  
  • Guide kids to turn a pretend steering wheel. 
  • Play a game of "Red Light, Green Light" 
  • Tell kids that God is with them wherever they go.  
  • Continue playing as long as children are having fun. 
  • Ask older kids to take turns holding the stick and be the caller
  • Give each child a hula hoop to stand in and use as her race car.  
  • Play this game with partners by adding the swim noodles.  Guide two friends to hold onto a swim noodle half as they stop and go. 

Partner Toss 'n Scoop
  • Scoops made by cutting off the bottom of a plastic jug.  (1 per child)- to make milk jug scoop: Cut off the bottom part of an angle, starting below the handle.  Discard the bottom and place masking tape along the sharp edges of the top.  
  • For younger kids give only one partner a plastic "scoop".  Hand the other child the foam ball.  Children may take turns tossing the ball and catching it with the "scoop"
  • Small foam balls (1 for each pair of children)
  • Demonstrate with another leader how to toss the ball into the air to a partner who will catch it with the "Scoop"
  • Group kids in pairs.  hand a foam ball to one child in each pair.  Give each child a plastic "scoop"
  • Encourage the kids to toss the ball into the air to one another and catch it with their "scoops"
  • Praise kids for working together with their friends.  Say: "God gives us friends who help us.  Thank you God, for friends" 

VBS Wild Ride
  • Foam noddles cut in half to look like a safety bar  on a roller coaster.  
  • 2 rope or tape roller coaster paths (on the ground for kids to follow)
  • Design paths to wind back and forth with loop the loops. 
  • Form two equal teams. Guide each chld to find a partner on his team.  Instruct each team to line up in front of a path. 
  • Hand a foam noodle half to the first pair of kids in each line.  Instruct each pair to hold onto the safey bar (noodle) and race together down the wild ride path. 
  • Instruct partners to bring the noodles back to the next pair of kids in line. Continue until everyone has had a turn to play. 
  • Remind kids that Paul's friends helped him escape in a basket.  Friends love and help us.
  • Make the safety bar look more authentic by wrapping it with black or silver tape.  
  • Use a rope path for smaller groups
  • Additional rope paths for larger groups. 

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