Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Friendly Hand- This game requires some prep

A Friendly Hand 
Items needed: 
  • 2 large scarves
  • 2 laundry baskets
  • masking tape
  • and small balls (1 for every 2 children)
2 "start" lines made with tape.  Place an equal number of balls and one scarf at each "start" line.  Place the baskets several feet in front of the lines.  
  • Form two equal teams behind the starting lines. Guide each child to find a partner on his team. 
  • Explain that one child will hold onto one edge of the scarf while the partner holds the other edge. A leader will place a ball on top of the scarf.  
  • Guide partners to carry the scarf (with the ball) to the basket and then roll the ball into the basket.  
  • Instruct partners to bring the scarf back to the next pair of kids in their line. Continue until everyone has had a few turns to play.  
  • Remind kids that God gives us friends who help us. 
  • Challenge kids to go faster each time you play. 

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